Sarah Ortmeyer
Macho Amore
Curated by Simon Castets
April 3 – 17, 2013



Curated by Simon Castets
Via Melzo 5, Milan

April 3 - 17, 2013

Federico Vavassori is pleased to present Sarah Ortmeyer’s MACHO AMORE, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Italy, curated by Simon Castets.

Sarah Ortmeyer (b.1980) is a graduate of Städelschule and lives in Vienna, Austria. Her work has been exhibited at institutions worldwide, most recently at S.M.A.K Museum of Contemporary Art (Ghent); MAK Center (Los Angeles); Warsaw Museum of Modern Art and KW Institute (Berlin).

With MACHO AMORE, Ortmeyer conjures up the choreographed hostility of Milan’s two rival soccer teams in a series of intricate draperies.
Presented in eleven frames traditionally used to individually display similar sports garments and resist bar brawls, the jerseys from both teams are here intertwined in a precarious equilibrium.
The exhibition also introduces a new version of INTERNATIONALISMUS, a swarming arrangement of eighty-one embroidered baseball caps first presented at Kunstverein Heilbronn in 2010.

Simon Castets