Born in 1945

Lives and works in Turin

Studies philosophy at University of Turin 1965-1966
Lectures at the Modern Art Gallery (GAM), Turin 1965-1966
Works as a disc jockey at Piper Club, Turin 1967
First works (combined monochrome canvases and colored stretchers) 1965
First one-man show at Gianenzo Sperone Gallery, Turin 1966
First group show : “Arte Abitabile” ( Gilardi, Piacentino, Pistoletto), Turin 1966
Use of matt metallic paints: 1967
Advisor in a factory that produces special paints 1967-1968
First purchase of large displacement motorcycle (featured in a series that continues today) 1968
First “Arte Povera” show at De’Foscherari Gallery, Bologna 1968
Use of pearl paints 1969
Begins “Vehicles” and “Wings” series 1969
Starts to decorate racing and special motorcycles 1969
Use of pearlescent changing colors paints 1970
First uses the logo “GP” 1970
First one-man show out of Italy : Onnasch Galerie (Lindenstrasse Galerie Haus), Cologne 1970
First works purchased by a Museum : Power Institute of Fine Arts, The University of Sidney, Sidney: 1970-1971
First races as sidecar passenger (750 cc.) in Italy 1971
First one-man show in New York City : O.K.Harris, 1971
First one-man show in a Museum . Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles 1972
First large canvas on the Wright Brothers 1972-1973
First races as sidecar passenger (750 cc.) in Europe 1974
Participates in “documenta 6”, Kassel 1977
Lives and works in New York City 1980-1981
Begins to combine canvas with parts of sculpture 1983
Use of Fiberglass and Kevlar 1986
Participates in XLV Venice Biennale, Venice 1993
Retrospective Exhibitions :
_Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst e V., Bremen, 1981
_Fondazione Mudima, Milan, 1994
_Chiostri di San Domenico, Reggio Emilia, 2000
_Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneve, 2013
_Fondazione Prada, Milan, 2015
Designs and update his official website from 1998
Begins work with parts designed with CAD and manufactured with CNC milling machines (CAM) 2003
Use of polished Aluminum Alloy (Anticorodal) 2007
Resumes racing as a sidecar passenger and decorating racing sidecars 2012
His work is represented by Michael Werner Gallery, New York and London 2014-2017
Use of industrial metallic paints on canvas ( same models and colors from 1965 to 1980) 2016
Use of unedited transparent chrome finish on color (same iconic shapes and colors from 1966-1967) 2017
More than 300 Km/h by motorcycle 2020
Paintings on matt satin stainless steel 2021