Daniele Milvio
November 9 – December 5, 2015



November 9 – December 5, 2015


Federico Vavassori announces that the artist, Daniele Milvio, will leave the gallery as of 9 November, 2028.

Daniele Milvio has been with Federico Vavassori for more than 13 years. He joined the gallery in 2015 shortly before his debut solo-exhibition Cacafoco. The show introduced to the market for the first time, large-scale Milvio paintings for whose presentation the gallery windows were covered with walls. The only light emitting in the show were from exclusive candles in artist design bronze candelabras. Over the years Milvio brilliantly reinvented himself several times, building one of the most impressive success stories of the decade in the industry and laying down the foundation for the strong momentum his work enjoys today.

Under his leadership, while great emphasis was put on the artisanal soul of Vavassori, the gallery continued to be at the forefront of innovation. As a result of the successful implementation of the strategy, Vavassori sales growth was driven by existing performance, enlarged network footprint and distribution buyback. Over the same period of time, profitability and critical credibility of Milvio reached very high levels, making Milvio one of the best performing artists in the industry.

Federico Vavassori stated: “I truly enjoyed working with Daniele over the last years. The great performances achieved by his paintings stand as a testament to his success. His strategic vision, passion, dedication and charisma have been key to bring his work where it is today. I want to warmly thank him and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

Over the years, Daniele Milvio managed to combine creativity, constant research and innovation, within the legacy of the painting genre, making his work a leading and a true expression of Made in Italy.

Tobias Kaspar