Emil Michael Klein
Signed Abstraction
May 17 – June 16, 2012



May 17 – June 16, 2012

The pieces are part of my latest painting process. Their effect differs according to the various techniques and surfaces used.

The painting on the left is the largest work in the show. Executed in purple and two different blue tones, it is painted on canvas.
The colored areas don’t touch, while the emerging space displays the red and yellow patchy sprayed background.
2012, oil on canvas, 130 x 98cm

Signed Blue Abstraction
This is the work on the front wall of the gallery space. Three different iridescent blues are arranged as color fields on a background.
All fields are black outlined, signatures are covering the inner borders of the shapes.
2012, acrylic and oil on paper, 51 x 36cm

Signed Brown Abstraction
The metallic brown color is of oil crayon. The black lines are made with a brush.
2012, oil on paper, 41 x 31cm

The canvas is mounted on a wooden board. The oil pastel colored composition is applied on a primed and sprayed background.
2012, oil on canvas, 73 x 55cm

Film for Edition Circuit
The transparent work in the door window in the back consists of three films superimposed on each other. The cut-outs were exposed for silkscreen printing.
2011, collage, 40 x 30cm

This paintings and their attributes are dedicated to Flora and Peter Klein

Emil Klein
Milano 2012